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On a casual Sunday afternoon, Jon and I like to hang out on the couch and relax. But this particular Sunday I had something more in mind. Why not seduce Jon into putting his cock in my mouth? I was dying to feel it get hard for me, and I had a craving for a big load of cum over my lips. Giggling and teasing Jon as we were in the living room, he could tell I was up to something.

But he trusts my naughty instincts. I unbuttoned his pants and worked them down, so that his cock came out for me. Rubbing and licking the head of his prick gently, I felt it swell in my hands. But I stared Jon right in the eyes. My wicked grin would tell him exactly what I wanted. “You like that?” I asked coyly. He didn’t reply, but the fact that his mouth had dropped open in pleasure was all I needed to know.

I worked his prick over slowly with my tongue and hands. I wanted to make this blowjob last for a while before getting Jon’s creamy load. Running my tongue from the base, all the way along the underside of his dick and up to the head. Mmmm I loved every inch! The dirty slut in me started to come out, and I worked my mouth all the way down the hard shaft and back. Harder and faster.

Originally I had thought I wanted to make this head session last, but the thought of a sticky load of goo on my tongue was too tempting. I sucked harder, bobbing my entire head over his erect meat. Jon put his hand on the back of my head, guiding me over his rod. I was taking all that I could, his prick filling my mouth all the way to my throat. Using one hand to caress his big balls, I continued to stroke and suck that dick.

It was shiny with my spit and rock hard. I love it when a cock looks like that, it’s irresistible for a nasty girl like me! Jon was ready to blow. I opened my mouth wide, offering him my face and chin to cum over. Gently I stroked his manhood, my face begging for his white, creamy seed. One burst, two, three rolled out over my mouth and chin. It was a sticky mess, and I loved it! I licked up every drop and swallowed it down. Delicious!

xoxo Julie
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Monica sucks her mans balls
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Kate shows off her smokin' hot body in the kitchen.
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Raven Riley is going green for St Patricks Day!
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Hi, my name is Lexi Lapetina

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Hi, my name is Lexi Lapetina

I am a bi sexual model and I also run my own adult Website which is based on my Real Unscripted Sex Life! Not only is my site filled with real & raw footage of me masturbating, having 3 sums, 4 sums & moresomes but I also wired my home with 24/7 live cameras so that you can always watch me! There's always something naughty going on in my neighborhood!
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Kasia takes 119 stunning pictures and then goes up on top of her bunk bed and gives us an awesome show! She rubs her pussy, makes squeeky little chipmunk sounds, breathes heavily, and rubs herself to an orgasm!
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One of my members, Christopher requested some hot blowjob/facial photos on Friday. Christopher left his request in my journal where he told me that, "there’s something about a beautiful woman with cum shot across her face that really gets me off." As always, I aim to please so here ya go Christopher. I hope you'll shoot a big load for me while you stroke your cock to these pics.

I had just drove home from shopping at the mall and I was craving some cock. I couldn't wait to get inside and rip Jake’s pants off. I walked through the door to find Jake relaxing on the couch watching TV. I told him I was going to suck him off until he gave me my daily dose of protein. Like any man he was reluctant to turn over the remote control so that I could turn off the TV. As you can see he gave it up when I told him he could keep it but he'd miss out on a great blowjob. I shut off the TV and dropped to my knees to satisfy my craving!

I began by rubbing the big bulge in Jake’s pants. I couldn't wait to make him cum so I didn't waste any time at all and got right down to business.

Once the belt was out of my way I unzipped his fly. The only thing that was between Jake’s cock and my mouth was his underwear. I ripped those things off and I found what I was looking for.

I started licking his balls and worked my way up to the tip of his cock where I was rewarded with a yummy taste of precum, only a small sample of what was to come.

I continued to fuck his cock with my mouth while anticipating the feeling of his warm load all over my face.

Jake was rock hard and I knew it wouldn't be long before I was rewarded for my efforts. I briefly paused to admire his beautiful cock. My lips wrapped tightly around his thick shaft as they slid up and down on it, getting a little faster and deeper with each stroke.

The faster I fucked his cock the more excited I became knowing he was about to plaster my face with his hot sticky man juice.

It didn’t take too long before he told me to open my mouth because he was going to shoot his load. Yes, this is what I had been waiting for. I sat back and opened my mouth wide. I was so horny that I could feel the crotch of my jeans getting moist.

Finally, the first powerful burst of cum shot across my face. Most of it actually shot right over my head and landed on the carpet several feet away. Jake just kept cumming, burst after burst until my face was covered in his warm sticky cum.

I quickly wrapped my lips around his cock to capture the last couple of bursts and ensure that I sucked him totally dry! I swear I just fucking love the taste of cum. It's really one of my favorite treats.

After I had totally drained his cock Jake pointed out that I had quite a mess on my face. Yummy, even more cum for me.

I used my fingers to wipe his cum off my face and I licked them clean. I was sure not to let any of his precious seed go to waste. That was exactly what I needed after a long day at the mall.

~Kisses, Allie
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Mmm I love a warm, relaxing bath. When Allie and I had the opportunity to soak in this unique tub, it was a fantasy come true! Maybe that should have been “fantasy-CUM-true” hehe. We had never seen a bath like this before. You turn the handles on the side of the tub to start the faucet, as you normally would – but then the water falls from the ceiling like a tiny waterfall!

We were so excited to try it, we filled the water with bubble bath and let the foam go wild. Naked in the tub with the white frothy bubbles surrounding her, Allie was irresistible. Leaving the jacuzzi jets spurring on the bubbles, we played like giddy little girls before kissing passionately. Our bodies floating against each other underwater, our skin was slippery soft. Of course, the water and bubbles were going everywhere.

Curiosity getting the best of us, we each had to experiment with the spray hitting our tender pussies. Wow was that strong! I had no idea the water would pound on my clit so hard. It was overwhelming, absolutely amazing. What we both really wanted was the feel of one another’s tongues on our clits! I was the lucky first to get Allie’s sweet, hot mouth over my cunt.

She knows exactly how to please me! The wetness of the water and the juices of my pussy covered her delicious lips. With Allie’s fingers deep in my hole, I couldn’t resist cumming. Now it was Allie’s turn to bend over and have me fuck her with my fingers from behind. We didn’t notice the water sloshing all over the floor, we didn’t care! It was time to make Allie’s tight pussy cum!

I slid two fingers deep in her slit and reached around to rub her clit at the same time. When I reached up to give her tight ass a wet slap, Allie started to lose control. Her moans were growing so loud, they echoed back to us in the marble room. Allie was about to cum over my fingers, and I was dying to feel her contract in orgasm! Allie’s climaxes never disappoint, she yelled out with pleasure as it bounced off the walls.

We need to get one of these tubs at home!

xoxo Julie
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